Contributing to the Official Repo

We highly encourage the community to help by contributing to the official Intersect repo! We are happy to review and accept bug fixes and engine enhancements that you all come up with.

Contributions must be submitted via Pull Requests on GitHub. When creating the Pull Request you will indicate that you want to pull changes from one of your branches into either the Master or Development branches of the Ascension Game Dev Intersect Engine repository.

Pull requests are expected to be based off the most recent Master or Development branches. In the following example I branched off the most recent version of Development, cleaned up some poorly written code, and pushed my changes to GitHub.

In the GitHub PR interface I have configured the base as AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine:Development and selected my personal repo sniderjc/Intersect-Engine:cleaning-up-code as the branch to merge.

When creating pull requests please provide a descriptive tite and description if applicable. Once ready click Create Pull Request.


Pull requests must follow the contribution guidelines below, and your edits will require review by someone on the development team before they go live.


If there are any issues with your changes they will be discussed in the comments section. After any neccessary changes are made we will then merge your code.

Thanks for helping better Intersect for everyone!

Contribution Guidelines

Before submitting code please review the following guidelines:

Please note that we will only accept new features that we feel are suitable for a base engine, and that an overwhelming majority of games would utilize.