Intersect Engine is Free Open Source Software (FOSS) written in C# using MonoGame. Our source code is available on GitHub.

The goal of Intersect is to provide a stable and powerful base to create 2d mmorpgs.

As an open source application users can create custom features and modifications to provide unique gameplay experiences. Similarly we expect to see developers creating custom forks of our engine with new and exciting features that don’t neccessarily fit into the base engine.

As we continue to fix bugs and make improvements to the base engine, everyone can use Git to pull those changes into their games or custom versions. As developers encounter and fix bugs within their custom versions they can push those changes back into the base engine.

While confusing for non-developers this essentially creates a cycle where everyone can go their own way while continuing to help each other. The result being that all versions/flavors of Intersect are more performant and stable long-term.

The rest of these docs will be more tailored towards younger developers with guides on how to install the ide, clone the repo, and build the engine. Then we will touch up on some of the more advanced topics such as contributing code to the base engine, pulling the latest official updates into custom builds, and discussing how to share features/mods with the community in the form of Git patches.